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Your Back-Office is a full service back-office digital accounts process firm for companies and individuals wishing to pursue a digital strategy. We process your transactions like any internal administration team. This means our certified individuals (SAIPA Qualified and XERO Certified) will do the processing for you. In this way you will receive the timely, pro-active and forward thinking feedback you need to make the right decisions towards unlocking growth and double digit profit margins in your business.

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Why appoint us as your Back Office?

  1. Cost Saving: We are a fraction of the cost of a full time resource that you have to manage and control 
  2. Digital Enablement:   We set you up on the fastest growing digital enablement ecosystems in the world ( ensuring you have the digital capability to be a part of the 4th industrial revolution 
  3. Significant Simplification: We significantly simplify your life, removing paper and clutter from your business 
  4. Information Empowering:  We information empower you, keeping you up to date 24 x 7 so you can make informed decisions 
  5. Work from Anywhere, Anytime: We provide you with ‘work from anywhere’ capability via any connected device 
  6. Management Enablement:   We enable the reports you need to run your business smartly - Profit & Loss, Cashflow, Balance Sheet, Board Packs, EXCO Packs, Management Packs, Operational Dashboards and more 
  7. Cash Management:  We empower you to manage cash 24 x 7 : money in and money out 
  8. Digital Value Chain Management:   We enable you to manage key value chains (supplier, employer and customer) making up your business with smart digital technology. Your customers, suppliers and employees can work with you in smarter and more effective ways. 
  9. Performance Accountability: We know you will expect and demand more from us than an internal function 
  10. Continuity of Service: We provide a continuous, all year round service (no leave breaks)

OUR STORY | Transforming the Accounting Function

We understand the catch 22 you face - to grow your business profitability on the one hand and administer it on the other. Many of the successful entrepreneurs we have the privilege of supporting have very similar stories. Before ‘digital outsource accounting’ they would successfully focus on growing their businesses while the accounting, cash management and compliance function (financials, secretarial, PAYE, UIF, VAT, EMP501, EMP201s, IRP5s ...) would take a back seat until it became a crisis that could not be avoided. As hard working individuals they would get stuck in to resolve the crisis ... usually at the expense of their core business which would suffer a setback. At times these setbacks put the business back years. Through partnering with us, entrepreneurs can take control of their core business and leave the administration, compliance and reporting components to us. In this way the business stopped leaking cash. We all know that profit and loss is vanity but cash is sanity. Successful entrepreneurs have also learnt to pay close and continuous attention to their key performance indicators (both financial and operational) in their journey towards competitive advantage. Clients often tell us that they feel they were operating in the dark ages before working with us and that they can never go back to the old traditional way of working. It is in partnering with you to grow your business and your profitability that we get to do what we love doing - being your back-office processing partner.

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