We 'love' what we do
  • It's fun working in a really smart way
  • It's seriously fun when we make a difference in your life
  • It is rewarding when we free your time, energy and information to grow your businesses
  • It's special to be able to exercise hard earned skills and make some money doing it
  • We know, really know, that the more you succeed, the more we succeed. So empowering you to focus on your success and keeping your admin in line is our priority
Because we make a difference to you
  • We like it when you get to focus on the core of your business that makes you money ... and not be distracted with the admin that results from your success
  • We like giving you access to world-class administration resources at a fraction of full-time cost
  • We enjoy seeing your life and business simplify because we became a part of it
  • We get a kick out of you being stronger, resilient, quicker and more focused

Anywhere. Anytime. Efficient. Any Device

Businesses work when optimized by Back-Office.

The Back-Office Story

Frustrated with the way businesses work and design themselves, Back-Office was founded by Guy Krige to help clients simplify and improve their businesses. From 2004, Guy embarked upon extensive research to understand simplified and optimized business design. Best practices emerged from this research.

Today, Back-Office has identified which integrated platforms best serve and fit your business' needs. We have driven hundreds of companies to become more efficient and profitable by simplifying and streamlining business functions from the finance function, to inventory control, to customer management - enabled and supported by bright, capable, qualified and motivated partners. 

The Back-Office Difference

Why do businesses perform better partnering with Back-Office?


Back-Office has learnt over the years the hard lessons of running a successful finance function and transforming poorly performing finance functions. Let our lessons learnt become yours.

Get Going Immediately

Back-Office provides you with a fully functioning finance function pre-integrated with digitized operating platforms for stock, CRM, jobs, e-commerce and more.

Qualified People

Back-Office people have world-class skills to support and enable your finance function. We provide you with access to top end people at a fraction of the cost of a full-time person or team.

24 x 7 Daily

Back-Office runs a 24 x 7 finance function. Your financial position is always up to date. Let us provide you real-time with the information you require to successfully run your business. This have fantastic benefits for staff productivity and client service.

Innovation Now!

Back-Office continually tests the newest innovations within digital platforms. We bring these innovations to your business in a structured and risk mitigating manner. In this way your functions always stay relevant.

Scaled for You

Back-Office scales to serve you as required. As you grow, we scale up (or visa versa). Scale is critical to ensure balance within your business. We are committed to ensuring you remain balanced and scaled correclty for your sized business.

Problem = Opportunity
Partner with us to help you ...

#1 : Being Digitally Agile, Flexible, Adaptable, Responsive
#2 :  Managing and Controling Day-to-Day
#3 : Growing and Scaling

  • Business keeps getting faster 
  • Being 4th Industrial Revolution ready enables speed
  • Being great at your core business is no longer a nice to have
  • Your success is driven by sales and delivery of your product or service
  • The admin behind it (invoicing, bills processing, bank recs, management accounts ...) follows
  • Let us do the admin for you
  • It's our core business
  • Scale and grow your business